Learn American History through 50 pop songs


There is a vast amount of research that has shown a deep connection between music and learning. This connection exists on several levels. Here are some:

  • Music is a powerful anchor that moors learning in memory.
  • Music inspires emotion, creating a clear passage to long-term memory.
  • Music relaxes the mind and lowers stress levels that inhibit learning. When used effectively, it increases alpha levels in the brain, boosting memory and recall and allowing the brain to access reserve capacities.
  • Music is mathematical. Certain musical structures stimulate specialized brain circuits, allowing learners to decode complex ideas more easily.
  • Music stimulates and awakens, reviving bored or sleepy learners and increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain.
  • Music is a stage-changer and can be used effectively to get students into an effective learning state.
  • Music is a universal language, uniquely capable of crossing cultural barriers and training in ethnic traditions and values. It can set a dramatic stage for lessons in history, foreign language, sociology, political studies and geography.
  • Music acts directly on the body, specifically on metabolism and heartbeat. Listening to certain types of music can trigger the release of endorphins, producing a tranquil state that leads to faster learning.

At HistoryTunes.com we believe wholeheartedly that all this is true and that the proof will be in your students’ deeper understanding and appreciation of American history and their improved test scores.