Learn American History through 50 pop songs


Welcome to HistoryTunes.com! Here you will find resources to help your students grasp the massive expanse of the American History landscape in a more engaging way — listening to music.

The US History Songbook includes the following:

  • Fifty pop songs that span the entire scope of American history from pre-Columbus to the present
  • Lyrics for each song with vocabulary hyperlinks
  • A synopsis of each song’s main topic
  • All relevant vocabulary from each song
  • Tiered questions for each song
  • Test prep questions based on state standardized exams throughout the country including multiple choice, DBQ, and thematic essay questions
  • Tips for implementing our curriculum in your classroom


  • The purchase price of the complete 50 song US History Songbook is $500 per school.
  • Once you have completed this payment your school will receive a link via email that will provide access to the full download. You will be given five attempts to complete this download. The entire download is approximately 240 MB. This download may take from 5 minutes to up to an hour to complete, depending on your bandwidth.
  • Once you have received this download of songs you may copy them to the staff and students of your school only.
  • You are NOT permitted to copy them for other schools or individuals.
  • Once the songs have been distributed your students should be advised to return to historytunes.com to access the lyrics, vocabulary, and other supporting materials.

Why HistoryTunes.com Will Work

Any preschool teacher knows that teaching content through song works. From the Alphabet Song to the Days of the Week Song, children are accustomed from their earliest educational moments to learn through music. Why? Because when catchy tunes stay with us, the words do too.

Here at HistoryTunes.com we have taken this concept and recreated it for high school students. The US History Songbook is a collection of fifty pop songs written to be easily memorized through catchy melodies, strong hooks, and repetition.

This means two things; content is retained and test scores are increased.

A Cost Effective Choice

In today’s economy cost effectiveness must be part of all decisions, even in education. With shrinking budgets and higher costs, monies available to your school may be limited.

Our curriculum is a wise economic choice for your school for three reasons:

  • The cost per student will be minimal. The purchase price of this product translates into mere pennies per student.
  • Because this product can be used with computers and mp3 devices, it is an investment in technology, which is clearly where the future of education lies.
  • In today’s educational climate, higher test scores = more funding.