Learn American History through 50 pop songs


Tips for Teachers

You are the manager of your classroom and you make the decisions that are right for you and your students. These tips are only suggestions for how to use these songs.

The US History Songbook follows the linear timeline of American History. In essence, it is like leafing through a text book from beginning to end. Because of this, incorporating this curriculum into your teaching will be very natural. And because each song is based on social studies standardized test questions, you can be confident they will enhance student learning.

Once your administrator has purchased The US History Songbook, you will have access to all fifty songs as a download to your personal or classroom computer. Once you have the download you may access our site and you will have at your disposal the following:

  • The fifty song US History Songbook as mp3 files
  • Lyrics for each song with vocabulary hyperlinks
  • A synopsis of each song’s main topic
  • All relevant vocabulary from each song
  • Tiered questions for each song
  • Test prep questions based on state standardized exams throughout the country including multiple choice, DBQ, and thematic essay questions

As you familiarize yourself with the songs you will see that they hit dozens of topics you will be teaching throughout the year. So once you reach a song topic in the sequential course of your curriculum you can interject the song at the moment that is right for you. Use your computer or mp3 player to play the song for your class as they read the lyrics. The song will reinforce your lesson and the supplemental material, the vocabulary, the tiered questions, and the test prep questions, will support follow up activities. We suggest you play each song several times over the course of the days you are on a certain topic. This will help the song stick with each student, and with it, the content.

For even more effectiveness we strongly suggest you download the files to your students’ mp3 players and have them listen to them at home or while traveling.

What are Tiered Questions?

As educators we realize that all students learn differently and process information at varying levels.

Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy, tiered questions allow teachers to target their students with questions that are appropriate for their different abilities.

Tier 1 questions focus on basic knowledge recall and comprehension skills.

Tier 2 questions focus on basic critical thinking skills like comparing and contrasting.

Tier 3 questions focus on deeper critical thinking skills such as synthesis and evaluation.

Using tiered questioning each of your students will have the opportunity to be successful.